92nd Regiment d'Infanterie (1940 French Infantry)
1940 EVENT MARCH 26 - 28, 2004 *WAIVER FORM*

Information about the 1940 Event.  Return the WAIVER FORM by March 15th, 2004.

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BLITZKRIEG 1940  !!!

May 13, 1940 The German assault on France and the Low Countries is in full swing.  The advance units of German Army Group B have reached the French border days before the French High Command suspected that they could.  As the first ominous signs of a mighty force grow more apparent to the junior field officers in the Allied forward areas, their superiors, safe in their chateaus miles from the front vacillate. The moment of truth for the future of Western Europe is fast approaching . . .

Join us for a day of combat recreating the first great campaign of the Second World War in the West.  French and British forces manning the French Frontier will try to defend themselves against the all out attacks of the German Wehrmacht.

WHO:  French, British and Belgian infantry vs  German infantry and Recon units.

WHEN:  March 26 - 28, 2004.

WHERE:  Brett Johnson's Battlefield Farm 20 miles west of Fredericksburg, VA  in Orange County, VA.  Nearest community listed on most paper maps is Locust Grove, VA.  We're about 70 miles Southwest of Washington, DC.


Johnson Farm
33640 Indiantown Rd
Locust Grove, VA 22508
Orange County


WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:  READ THIS PART CAREFULLY. You must be in one of the following categories to participate;

1.        Belong to one of the established 1940 units who are sanctioned for this event.  As a member of such a unit you are automatically eligible since the unit commanders will vouch for authenticity and behavior.  Listed below are the sanctioned units and their commanders name.

2.        If you don't belong to an established unit you MUST make application through the event host or one of the combat commanders who may grant you temporary status with their group.  DON'T JUST SHOW UP expecting to be welcomed.  This event must maintain standards for those who've put together correct kits and expect others to do likewise.  If you do just show up you may or may not be allowed to participate, simple as that, so CHECK first !!!  We encourage interested individuals to become part of an established unit for everyone's sake.  We're not trying to be exclusionary, on the contrary we want this event to grow but we want it to grow in the correct manner.

3.        If you portray an alternate impression (Engineers, RASC, Fallschirmjager, etc) and are not aligned with any of the traditional units, you will be accepted/rejected on a case by case basis and utilized at the Combat Commanders discretion but again, don't leave it to chance, if you have any doubt about your particular status, CHECK FIRST.



FRENCH: 92nd R.I. (Brett Johnson)

BRITISH: Welsh Guards (Bill Bethke), "B" Company Units (Iain Burns), North Country Platoon Units (Jeff Bockert).

GERMAN: 11th Panzer (Mike Hamady)
                         I.R. 226 (Doug Kingdom)



Click here to get a copy of the waiver form. You must have Adobe Acrobat loaded in order to bring up the waiver form.


DETAILS:  This is a campout event on private property.  You may arrive anytime after noon, Friday.  www.mapquest.com or other on - line mapping sites will assist you to find the place ( 33640 Indiantown Rd,  Locust Grove, VA) if you don't have access to these, follow the printed directions.  You must be self sufficient although firewood will be provided.  Stores and fast food are close by at Lake of the Woods Shopping Center on US Rt 3 or BJ's Exxon on US Rt 20.  Lake of the Woods Rescue Squad is also available within minutes in case of accident or injury (God forbid !).  1940 Authenticity rules apply and are included for the Allies.  For German authenticity standards contact either Mike Hamady or Doug Kingdom.  There is no event fee but EVERY participant must submit a signed waiver and be listed on or attached to  someone's roster.  The bottom line is, this is private property and we want to know who's coming onto it with weapons - not hard to understand, right ?  NO LIVE AMMUNITION is to be brought on the site under any circumstances.  We will invite Tim Ketchum for blank ammunition sales but you should arrange to purchase it now as he may or may not be able to attend.

PHILOSOPHY:  My property comprises 42 acres in Central Virginia, approximately 15 acres of which are devoted to the battle site.  There are numerous fighting positions, foxholes and other combat features designed to make things more interesting.  Each side has a camp located at either end of the battlefield so there's no mystery about who is where.  We don't care about high strategy or death marches, we just line up like two football teams and slug it out all day long.  Grenades and smoke are welcome as long as they meet safety  guidelines.  Bring your picks and shovels, at this place you can dig to your heart's content, fight all day and enjoy a few cold ones around a big fire at night.


1.   Handle all weapons as though they are loaded and ready to fire.  Never point directly at someone especially when close.  Never fire within 20 feet, blanks can do damage to eyes and ears at close range.  Always fire up when in doubt about your enemy's location or proximity. 

2.  No fixed bayonets during combat.  Hand to Hand combat is limited to rubber knives or bare hands, no butt stroking or simulated bayonet thrusts. 

3.  No flares or bird bomb devices, too much of a fire hazard.  Grenade's bodies must be constructed of soft squeezable type plastic, not the hard stuff that splinters.  Black powder or Pyrodex are the only explosives and are limited to 20 grains.  Baking soda is the ONLY filler used.  No sand, salt, kitty litter or fullers earth.  No metal or wood is to be used in the construction except in the case of a throwing handle.  Same rules apply to mortar rounds or cup launcher rounds.

4.  Take care when assaulting or even approaching fixed positions.  many times the defender has limited vision or hearing and may not know you're there.  Don't peek inside only to catch a face full of muzzle blast after the defender has cleared a jam or reloaded.

5.  In case of fire, all action will cease and everyone nearby needs to rush in to put it out. 

   Most reenactors don't need to be told this, we've all seen people get hurt in silly careless ways.  The main thing is don't hurt anyone and don't let anyone hurt you.  If you feel threatened, run away, lie down, roll into a ball, do whatever you have to do to keep from getting hurt.  It's just not worth it !  Our continued use of this land as a battlefield depends solely on YOU !


2302 Canteen Circle
Odenton, MD 21113
Cell: 540 273 8324

Best contact response is through Email.  Please don't call me unless you've exhausted other means and never after 10:00pm please.



THANKS ! Lets have some fun !!!



1940 British Uniform & Equipment Regs


1 Mk 2 Steel Helmet w/ 1st pattern chinstrap no net

1 FS (field service) cap w/ badge or other appropriate

1 37 Pattern Battle Dress Blouse no insignia other than rank

1 37 or 40 Pattern Battle Dress Trousers.

1 pr black ammunition boots

1 pr P 37 Web gaiters

1 green wool collarless shirt

1 pr white suspenders

1 Overcoat, double breasted (optional)

1 Jerkin, leather (optional)



1 set of Pattern 37 web gear which includes

1 waistbelt

2 cross straps

1 bayonet frog

1 small pack with L straps

2 bren pouches

1 skeleton water bottle carrier (no envelope style)

1 water bottle (blue enamel if possible)

1 ground sheet or raincape (khaki is preferable to green)

1 Pattern 37 gas mask bag worn in the ready position.

1 white tea mug

1 mess kit



Mk 1 # 3 Enfield rifle w/ long bayonet and sling


Vickers MG

Webley pistol

Period tenting if possible



1940 French Uniform and Equipment regs


M26 Steel Helmet with flaming bomb badge

M18 Bonnet du police (sidecap)

M20 or M38 Overcoat w/ 92 regimental insignia

M22 or M38 trousers

Green, tan or white cotton shirt

Brown wool puttees

Brown or black ankle boots, no toe caps



M35 Musette bag

ANP 31 Gas mask bag

M35 Canteen

M92/14 Waistbelt, Y straps

M37 MAS Ammunition pouches, R and L pair

M35 Passant

M35 Sac Superior (top pack)

E tool  (pelle, pelle pioche, scie, etc)



MAS 36 Rifle (.308 or 7.5 calibre)

M92/16 Berthier carbine

M1916 Berthier Rifle

M 24/29 LMG

Hotchkiss MG

Ruby Automatic Pistol

M1892 Pistol

M35 A Automatic pistol


Driving Directions:

This place is in the middle of nowhere so be prepared and follow directions carefully.  We are approximately 20 miles west of Fredericksburg, VA.  The main access is I 95 so if you need directions from another point contact me.

From points south (Richmond, NC) take I 95 North 50 miles past Richmond to the Fredericksburg, VA area.  Take Exit 130 B, US Rt 3 West, direction Culpeper.  Some of the cheapest gas prices in the state are on the right (Wawa) along this stretch after you leave the immediate vicinity of the interstate so fill up.  Drive 15.5 miles to the light at the intersection of US Rt 3 and US Rt 20.  When you hit this intersection you are getting close.  Continue on US Rt 3 West approximately 3.4 miles to a left hand turn onto State Rt 601, Flat Run Rd.  Before hitting Flat Run Rd you will pass a small shopping center on your right (Lake of the Woods), this is a good place to get groceries (Food Lion), fast food (Burger King, Dominos Pizza) etc.  After turning left onto Flat Run Rd, drive .6 miles to Rt 603, Indiantown Rd and turn right.  Drive 1.2 miles to my red iron gate on left and turn in.  If you miss the gate you will very shortly hit a T intersection with Gov. Almond Rd so turn around and come back.

From points north, (Washington, Baltimore) take I 95 south 50 miles past Washington to the Fredericksburg, VA area.  Take Exit 130 B, US Rt 3 west towards Culpeper.  Pick up directions above at this point.

My land is 42 acres of rolling hills with pasture, oak and cedar woods.  About 15 acres are devoted to the battlesite with  two bridges, one road, one bunker and numerous foxholes.  The Battle of the Wilderness was fought about a mile from my property.  Three other major Civil War battlefields are only minutes away so if you have any extra time on Sunday take advantage of the location and do some sight seeing. 

When you arrive, please park in the designated area near the gate.  The Allied camp is located directly ahead near the big green tent.  The German camp is located in the woods and can only be accessed by vehicles with off road capabilities.  Only period vehicles can remain in the camps. 

1940 Event Information